About Me

I’m a native Coloradoan who has traveled to the other side of the world to teach. I began teaching middle school English/Language Arts and history two years ago. Now, having moved to Istanbul, Turkey and experienced a brand new world of teaching challenges, I have started a new journey to earn my masters degree.

I am pursuing a degree in educational technology because in my short time as a teacher, I have noticed a gap between the amazing technology that is available to students and teachers and the technology that is actually used on a regular basis. The majority of my desire to earn a degree in educational technology is to no longer be intimidated to use technology in the classroom. I know that if it’s done correctly, the benefits for the students will make it more than worth my while. I want to know how to intelligently choose tools that will amplify the content, not take attention away from it. After that, I want to be able to help other teachers engage their students in new ways with tech tools.

I’m glad that I have started this part of my professional journey, even if I am still so new to the field. I think that earning this degree will open many doors for me. I will have opportunities to be a leader amongst my colleagues, as well as reach students in new ways.

Passion and Creativity

Thomas L. Friedman, author of The World is Flat, penned an article for the New York Times entitled It’s the P.Q. and C.Q. as Much as I.Q. Friedman explains that the future of the world will depend less on intelligence quotient and more on passion quotient and curiosity quotient.

I have taken this concept and thought of it within my own terms. How do I bring my passions and curiosity to my classroom? Much of how I connect with my students is through common interests and my desire to get my students to love themselves. By showing them that I appreciate the way I am, my message will come through.

Friedman, T. (2013, January 29). It’s the P.Q. and C.Q. as much as the I.Q. The New York Times. Retrieved from http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/30/opinion/friedman-its-pq-and-cq-as-much-as-iq.html?_r=0

This I Believe

While getting our feet wet here at MAETY1, we were asked to listen to Margret Mead’s contribution to NPR’s This I Believe segment, and then ponder our own beliefs about education. I chose to use a selection of photographs from the beautiful campus here in Galway, as well as some others from my travels that I felt helped illustrate my point.



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